AI for Authorship Attribution & Plagarism Analysis

Our AI looks at texts to understand the underlying writing style of the author. This helps to rigorise and automate the process of assessing authorship and contract cheating.

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Contract Cheating

A 2017 study found that 3.5% of 1378 sampled students reported buying assignments to submit as their own. Traditional plagarism checking services are unlikely to detect this type of plagarism as the essays are originally produced, albeit by a third party company. This is where our AI comes into play to understand the underlying features of the text.

Deep Learning

Our service uses deep learning to examines the stylometric features of a work to provide an authorship report. Studies show that core elements in a text such as sentence length, punctuation and language elements (e.g. British or American English) usage remain consistent through out a text. We use these among other features to understand authorship.


On top of our authorship service, our AI and Software team can develop a custom solution for your institution. This includes custom reports and seemless integration with your existing infrastructure. See our free trial or contact us directly.

Breakthrough discoveries applied to real products

We do meaningful applied research: transforming breakthrough discoveries in deep supervised and semi-supervised learning into our core service.

Automating Complex Processes

To get there we are automating complex processes which, today, educators with decades of experience take hours to complete.

Gaining New Insights

We provide new insights into the nuances of lingustics, and along with metadata help you understand the underlying core of a text.